Hello and welcome to my security consultant portfolio.

Below are all the projects I have worked on lately for my employer, NGS Software. We are always hiring ;)

Whenever possible I have provided a small description of the project.


MonthProject TypeDescriptionIndustry
Feb'12Web applicationCMS front-end applicationFinance
Feb'12Thick client review (Flash)Web/Facebook game + REST APIMedia
Feb'12Product reviewTrading app: Flash client + Protocol Buffers + JMSFinance
Jan'12Code reviewFirefox extension w/ social mediaBlue Chip / Engineering
Jan'12Web applicationMultiple brouchureware sitesFinance
Dec'11Web applicationEmployee benefit management service: frontend and backendFinance
Dec'11Product review3rd party media streaming application for XboxMedia
Dec'11Citrix breakoutDocument publishing systemConsulting
Nov'11RetestWeb applicationFinance
Nov'11Web applicationCashflow calculatorFinance
Nov'11Web applicationWhite label service for rewards programmeFinance
Oct'11Thick client review (Java)Trading application: Java, RMI, RTTPFinance
Oct'11Web applicationLarge SaaS for managing mergers and acquisitionsBlue Chip / Engineering
Sep'11Thick client review (Java)Trading application: Java, RMI, RTTPFinance
Sep'11RetestWeb applicationTelco
Jul'11Product reviewIdentity management. SAML. Custom hardwareSoftware
Jul'11Product reviewCustom TCP/IP stack. Network filtering driversSoftware
Jun'11Product reviewBlackBerry PlayBook: 3 vulns + whitepaper
Jun'11Web applicationExercise for the tender for contract renewall. Infrastructure + apps.Finance
Jun'11ConsultancyMicrosoft SDL. C#, Android and iOS appsSoftware
May'11Product reviewServer state management solutionBlue Chip / Engineering
Apr'11InfrastructurePCI complaiance test for a new high-value environment (Portugal) Government
Mar'11Web applicationThird party application being white-labeld for the client Finance
Mar'11Product reviewCustom J2EE web stackSoftware
Mar'11TrainingSecure webapp trainingSoftware
Feb'11Web applicationFinance
Feb'11TrainingSecure C# developmentFinance
Feb'11Web applicationFinance
Feb'11Web applicationHealth insurance management softwareBlue Chip / Engineering
Jan'11Citrix breakoutInfrastructure, webapp and Citrix breakout of a SaaS productBlue Chip / Engineering
Jan'11ConsultancyPre-sales scoping of a mobile payment sistem (31 man/day project)Finance
Jan'11Web applicationDocument publishing systemFinance
Jan'11Web applicationDjango application that used a Flash component to parse Twitter feedsMedia
Dec'10Firewall rule set analysis4 Checkpoint FW1, ~1000 rulesFinance
Dec'10Build reviewWindows 2003/2008, Oracle, Microsoft TMG, WeblogicBlue chip / Engineering
Nov'10Citrix breakoutBlue chip / Engineering
Nov'10Windows Mobile reviewMicrosoft Mobile Device Management deploymentEnergy/Infrastructure
Oct'10Windows Mobile reviewWM5 Device lockdownFinance
Oct'10iPhone applicationFinance
Sep'10Thick client review (Java)Including custom protocol analysisOther
Sep'10TrainingSix Security Trends in 2010Finance
Sep'10Code reviewCustom MS-SQL extended stored procedure for encrypted backupsSoftware
Aug'10TrainingOWASP Top Ten 2010 rc1Finance
Aug'10Build reviewWindows 7Blue Chip / Engineering
Jul'10TrainingInstructor in webapp training for BlackHat Las Vegas 2010
Jul'10Web applicationCustom J2EE web stackSoftware
Jun'10ConsultancyWindows 7 SecurityFinance
Jun'10Product reviewBMC Application Release Management (ARM)Finance
Jun'10Product reviewStratavia Data Palette (DB server management)Finance
May'10Thick client review (.NET)Insurance policy managementFinance
May'10Product reviewMobile Device Management web application and Symbian and WM agentsTelco
May'10Thick client review (.NET)Silverlight DRM app and online portal associatedMedia
May'10Web applicationFinance
Mar'10Web applicationREST API + Infrastructure + J2EE code reviewOnline betting
Mar'10TrainingWeb application security workshopFinance
Mar'10Product reviewAtlassian Crowd (Single Sign On)Media
Mar'10Thick client review (Java)Java RMI application frameworkFinance
Mar'10Web applicationSharepoint Blue Chip / Engineering
Feb'10ConsultancySecure Webapp guide for UK's CPNI [more info]Energy/Infrastructure
Jan'10Web applicationEnergy/Infrastructure
Jan'10Product reviewNGS AuditorSoftware
Jan'10Web applicationFinance
Dec'09Build reviewSolaris 10, Windows 2003, SybaseFinance
Nov'09Web applicationFinance
Nov'09Web applicationTelco
Nov'09Web applicationFinance
Oct'09Product reviewDue dilligence for an acquisition (6 products)Software
Oct'09Web applicationFinance
Oct'09Web application3rd Party software to manage mailing lists and user communitiesFinance
Sep'09InfrastructureInternal network zero-knowledge capture the flag challengeFinance
Sep'09Product reviewBroadband router software/hardware reviewTelco
Sep'09Product reviewDue dilligence for an acquisition (orchestration and automation platform)Software
Sep'09Web applicationBlue Chip / Engineering
Aug'09Web applicationFinancial trading platform in Adobe FlexFinance
Aug'09Web applicationTelco
Aug'09Web applicationSQL-injection huntingFinance
Jul'09Thick client review (.NET)Obfuscated financial-trading clientFinance
Jun'09Web applicationOnline shopping portalBlue Chip / Engineering
Jun'09Product reviewPortal and associated native client for Windows, Linux and MacOSGovernment
May'09Product reviewSoftware platform for embedded devicesSoftware
May'09Product reviewSSL implementation and hardware drivers for a electronic deviceSoftware
Apr'09Web applicationNew community portal (forums, issue tracker, document library, etc.)Telco
Mar'09Web applicationGovernment
Mar'09Product reviewVirtual firewall implementation by fw vendorGovernment
Mar'09Web applicationFinancial trading platform in Adobe FlexFinance
Mar'09Web applicationFinance
Feb'09Web applicationGovernment
Feb'09Product reviewOn-branch Internet kiosk reviewFinance
Feb'09Web applicationFinance
Feb'09Web applicationFinance
Feb'09Thick client review (.NET)Silverlight DRM and online portal associatedMedia
Jan'09Web applicationMultimedia messaging customer portalTelco
Jan'09Web applicationFinance
Jan'09Web applicationPortfolio management application for private bankingFinance